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"Netflix Glitch" is an engaging campaign utilizing multiple touchpoints and media habits to promote non-English Netflix titles. This innovative campaign leverages lenticular printing to create transformative ads—a visual metaphor for the cultural and perspective shifts these shows offer. When viewers encounter these interactive ads on billboards or product packaging, the imagery will morph to reveal hidden scenes from non-English Netflix hits.


Netflix has a vast selection of content in over 30 languages, and its global presence is significant. The challenge lies in overcoming the UK market's resistance to non-English content. With the right campaign, there's a chance to shift perceptions, leveraging recent global successes and the universal appeal of great storytelling.

UK audiences historically show low engagement with non-English language content on Netflix. There is a need to create a campaign that excites UK viewers about non-English titles and motivates them to explore, watch, and discuss these offerings.

Despite the variety of tastes within the UK market, there is untapped potential for non-English content due to recent successes like "Squid Game" and "La Casa De Papel." Audiences may not have considered this type of content before due to barriers such as subtitles, dubbing, and perceived relevance.


This advertising campaign leverages the dynamic capabilities of lenticular printing to transform everyday ads into an entertaining visual experience. As viewers move past these innovative ads, the images shift and change, revealing surprising elements and engaging stories. This approach not only captures the attention of onlookers but also enhances brand recall with its interactive and memorable format. Ideal for high-traffic areas, these lenticular ads promise to deliver not just information, but a slice of entertainment, making every glance a delightful discovery.


Each ad features a scannable QR code that leads to an immersive Netflix portal. This dedicated space not only hosts exclusive content but also delves into the cultural heritage and stories behind iconic scenes, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the rich narratives. The campaign "Netflix Glitch" aims to break down barriers and enrich UK's viewing experience with global storytelling.

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