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The "skixze" initiative is a culturally sensitive campaign tailored to support the Native American community in Lytton, BC, which has been devastated by wildfires. The campaign aims to establish a mobile maternal health clinic rooted in traditional midwifery practices to provide trusted care for local women.


There is an intersection between women's health and climate that is often overlooked. Engaging women in decision-making that incorporates SRHR can serve as both a health and climate solution. The Case for Her and Project Drawdown want to highlight these connections and bring them to the forefront of public discourse.

Women disproportionately experience negative effects during climate events, which exacerbate gender disparities in areas like reproductive health and education. There is a hesitancy among decision-makers to link reproductive health with climate solutions, despite the significant benefits of doing so for women’s health and the environment.

By empowering women with sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), not only does their bodily autonomy increase, but it also fosters resilience and has a positive impact on climate change. SRHR are essential for women's wellbeing and are effective long-term climate adaptation strategies.


To realize this vision, "skixze" collaborates with the esteemed Canadian brand David’s Tea, launching a special edition collection. This unique line will feature a curated blend of herbs, carefully selected for their significance in indigenous midwifery, to honor and support the health traditions of the Native American community.


Each tea package is adorned with a QR code that serves as a gateway to a dedicated website. This platform not only educates consumers on the rich heritage behind the tea and the mission of "skixze" but also houses a pivotal petition promoting increased indigenous representation in government. By intertwining tradition with advocacy, "skixze" seeks not only to heal and empower but also to spark systemic change.

Indigenous influencers will harness the power of their social media platforms to advocate for the cause, initiating a widespread call to action. Their messages will spark conversations about the Indigenous experience and the specific impacts of climate change on their communities, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by their mothers. This campaign aims to ensure that these vital voices are heard and acknowledged, breaking the cycle of neglect and bringing these pressing issues to the forefront of public awareness.

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